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Hardwood Floor Finishes

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Top 7 Most Popular Types Of Hardwood Floor Finishes

Wood floor finishes can make or break a floor as far as aesthetics are concerned. But like any hardwood flooring Newmarket contractor will tell you, there is much more to hardwood floor finishes than just aesthetics. A good finishing can protect your floor from dirt and make it easy for you to wash it. It can also prevent slips and make it safer for both children and the elderly. To that extent, it goes almost without saying that one cannot disregard how important it is to ensure a hardwood floor gets a good finishing. But before then, one must consider different types of hardwood floor finishes available. The most common ones include:

Oil Modified Urethane

Refinishing of Stairs GTAIt is the most popular hardwood finish in the market. It is also the easiest one to apply. The finish is a petroleum base with hints of synthetic resins plasticizers and a number of other film forming compounds that can produce durable surfaces. Oil modified urethane can work on just about any type of wood.  Unlike other finishes, it takes only 8 hours to dry.  Its only downside is the fact that it ambers with age.
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