Warmth & Beauty

If You Are Interested In Warmth And Beauty In Your Home, Go For Hardwood Flooring!

Have you decided to make a change in your home and do not know exactly what to choose? We have a recommendation for you today – hardwood flooring.  What it can offer you from the beginning is a space that looks better and more warmth that will make you love your home. That is not all. Hardwood flooring also increases the value of your home which is not something that you should ignore.

Where to install hardwood flooring

Hardwood flooring can be installed on any level of your house. It can be seen in various types of constructions. Hardwood flooring offers flexibility over various subfloors. This type of flooring also enables proper moisture preservation. What is important for you to do when you want to establish how to or where to install hardwood flooring is to establish the subfloor in your home as well as its level. This will allow you to determine the best type of structure of hardwood to consider.

The importance of moisture in the case of hardwood flooring

Even though it might not seem all that important, moisture plays a vital role when it comes to installing hardwood flooring. This is mainly because it highly influences the way in which your flooring will present itself in time. Basically, any type of changes in moisture can bring problems such as gapping and warping. It is important for you to consider mitigating the effects of moisture meaning that you have to keep it to a proper level.

What is also important for you to do is to select the proper construction of hardwood flooring if you want to achieve the best results. The type and quality of the materials that you choose to use during the selection process are also important. If you want to ensure all the protection you can for your brand new flooring you should consider installing an effective moisture barrier.

Types of subfloors which can be considered for hardwood flooring installation

As soon as you have considered a secure way of installing your hardwood flooring it is time to consider the types of subfloors which you should take into account for installation so as to obtain the best results. The first subfloor to consider is the basement or the concrete below ground level. Next, you can also take into account the concrete from the ground level and finally, the third primary subfloor to consider is the plywood subfloor found above ground level.

Consider engineered hardwood floors for your home

There are various types of hardwood floors which you could consider for your home. They all feature advantages and disadvantages according to a great range of factors which should be considered. One of these types of floors that we recommend is the engineered hardwood. Engineered floors are created so as to be installed over concrete. These floors enable the mitigation of possible problems that might occur.  The way in which the cross-layer construction functions is by preventing the floor from expansion when moisture occurs.

We recommend engineered flooring because it can be installed in any place of your home, including the basement.  This type of flooring is highly appropriate to be considered because it is environmentally friendly and not as expensive as other types of flooring. The good news is that its lower price does not mean bad quality. It is less expensive than solid flooring for example just because the veneer is thicker and definitely not because it features lower quality.

If you have decided to install hardwood flooring in your home, make sure you find the right species of wood according to your own preferences and budget.