The Process Of Installing Hardwood Floors

By November 16, 2015 Info Articles No Comments
Hardwood floor

Once you have chosen the right type of hardwood flooring for you, you need to have the flooring installed. L.A. Floor is happy to help! We can deliver and install the hardwood floors that you have picked out.

  • The first step when installing any type of hardwood flooring is to let the floor get acclimated to your living space. Hardwood is very sensitive to moisture, so it needs to be left in the space where it will be installed for a few days in order to be ready for the installation. Make sure that you do not change any living conditions during this time; you should use your heater or air conditioner in the same way that you will once the flooring is installed.
  • Next, we will lay the hardwood floor over your floor. We are very careful to work around walls, vents, and other obstacles in order to ensure that your hardwood floor looks perfect. When the floor is all laid, we will transition the floor to the floor in the next room so that it flows seamlessly.
  • After your installation is done, we will clean up all of our work and talk to you to make sure if you are satisfied with the look and feel of your new floors. Customer satisfaction is our biggest concern. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns about your hardwood flooring installation.

If you ever have problems with your hardwood floors, we also offer hardwood floor repair services! Please feel free to give L.A. Floor a call if you ever run into trouble with your new flooring. We can fix water damage, scratches, and many other types of problems.

If you are interested in sprucing up your home with beautiful hardwood floors, call L.A. Floor today!