Secrets to Keeping Your Hardwood Floor Looking Beautiful Year Round

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Secrets To Keeping Your Hardwood Floor Looking Beautiful All Year Round

Most people will agree that hardwood flooring is an investment worth making. The flooring makes any home look great due to its quality, lifespan and sheer beauty. A hardwood floor is a much better option than most of the alternatives on the market and it is no surprise that it continues to grow in popularity. Whether you are planning to install a new floor or your current flooring is hardwood, it is important to find out how to maintain it in the best shape.

Your floor looks beautiful after installation but the journey does not end there and you have to find out how to keep the flooring in great condition. Regular maintenance will help to maintain the floor’s original beauty. Most homeowners know that when the wood is still new, it has more finish and it looks shinier. The floor is much easier to clean when it is in this condition. However, with time the flooring experiences wear and tear and it is no longer as smooth. This makes it harder to keep the floor clean.

Wood Floor Maintenance

It is important to take exceptional care of hardwood in order to keep it looking its best and to extend its life. Knowing how to clean the floor will keep it looking great and you can avoid making mistakes that can result in scuffing, scratches or damage to the finish. Improper cleaning can ruin the finish and when this happens, the only thing that can help is stripping the floor and refinishing it. This can be costly and time consuming, which is unfortunate when you consider that it can be avoided. Hardwood floor maintenance will vary slightly depending on the type of finish used on the surface.

Come Up with a Routine

It is important to realize that a major part of wood floor care begins the day the flooring is installed. When you are done admiring your new floor, sit down and come up with a maintenance routine. You need an annual, monthly, weekly and daily maintenance routine in order to keep the hardwood floor in the best condition. You can find different hardwood upkeep plans and timetables and the best ones will give you results that you will love.

Daily Sweeping and Dusting

After you install the flooring, you should invest in a good quality vacuum and a soft bristle broom. Make sure that the bristles are soft to avoid scratching your new hardwood floor. Daily sweeping and dusting is something that many people overlook and yet it is a good habit that helps to extend the beauty and life of hardwood floors. Sweeping your floor daily will keep dust and dirt off your floors, which will help to prevent damage from scratching.

Weekly Vacuuming

Vacuuming the floor once or twice a week will help to get rid of dirt that the sweeping may have missed. It is important to vacuum the floor thoroughly, paying particular attention to difficult to reach areas such as in between the boards. The vacuuming process removes the fine dust and dirt particles that are left on the floor even after sweeping.

Monthly Polishing

Polish and condition will give the hardwood floor much needed shine. Doing so once a month using a treatment that is designed for the wood type is essential. The products you use will help to prevent over cleaning that is detrimental to the hardwood. Conditioning the wood will prevent stripping, which will keep it in top shape. Remember that the polishing products are not suitable for daily or weekly use.

Your maintenance routine should also include quarterly wax and buff to refresh the finish and annual sealing. Sealing your floors annually will help to restore the floor’s beauty by improving its finish. Also, choose the right floor sealer products and make sure you follow the instructions for usage.