Perfect Flooring for your Kitchen

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Perfect Flooring for your Kitchen

Bold and Solid colors:

Flooring in Newmarket is available in a wide range of materials. When you choose the solid color option, there are various things which you must consider. Before making the right color choice, you have to match and contrast it with the whole arrangement of your kitchen which will include the decor of the kitchen, the wall color and the cabinet and the dining table of course. There are numerous combination ideas to mix and match colors such as navy blue cabinets and grey flooring, wooden brown flooring with a simple wall color, and dark auburn flooring with light colored cabinets. You can also opt for the tri-color combinations such as black cabinets with moss colored walls and wooden brown flooring or sky blue colored walls with brown cabinets and patterned flooring.

For another bold look to your kitchen, you can also opt for the single color in different shades, but make sure that the color is not too bright. For instance, you can mix and match three different shades of brown, green, or blue and make your flooring, wall color and cabinets colorful with varying shades of each color.

Patterned designs:

Trending is the patterned designs in the kitchen flooring in Newmarket. Now to get the patterned look you can either opt for the vinyl flooring or the laminated ones. To get that sophisticated look, pick the laminated flooring, it will give your kitchen the original wood look. For the vinyl flooring, select some artistic design, and blend it in various color combination. For the perfect combination, you can have a black and white design, sky blue with navy blue, or bottle green with a light green color. Make sure that when you opt for patterned flooring, your kitchen wall decal should not be patterned as well. But you can match your kitchen platform walls with the flooring.

Retro/ vintage and Contemporary designs:

For the modern look to your kitchen flooring in Newmarket, pick a simple, plain and yet elegant design. It does not necessarily have to be a bold or solid color, but you can pick a plain color with multiple designs. One of the popular flooring patterns is the colorful hexagonal shaped flooring with multiple designs.

You can get the perfect retro and vintage look by mixing and matching the tiles. Tiles are known for being durable as well as easy to clean, so they make the ideal flooring material for the kitchen. So for the retro look, take the checkered pattern and blend it with the color combination of black and white or brown and half white. You can even choose a tricolor combination, like maroon, cream and grey color. And for a unique look, you can also opt to cover different areas with a different type of flooring in Newmarket.