Perfect Design to Beautify your Flooring

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LaFloor - Perfect Design to Beautify your Flooring

Hardwood Designs:

Hardwood flooring in Newmarket is a common way to go, but are you sure you are using the right design for your home? Well, hardwood flooring is made of wood, and the most commonly used types of wood are oak, maple, and cherry. If you are looking for some exotic hardwood floors, they also come in mahogany and Brazilian cherry. Hardwood flooring is popularly known for its patterns and color. Now that the hardwood floorings give the original wood look, you can choose to keep them simple to get a classic attire, or you can play with some designs on them. For instance, you can opt for light maple borders on a dark hardwood flooring in Newmarket, or you can use some white oak hardwood flooring for your stairs near the entrance. And to garnish the look of your house, you can also use the walnut hardwood flooring against white doors and walls.

Vinyl Designs:

Vinyl floorings give you a vast range of patterned floor designs. They are durable, comfortable, and they reduce noise. Furthermore, they are inexpensive as well. Now with all these advantages, the main benefit is that you can opt for any design on them. You can either choose solid colors or patterns. There are various patterns to choose from, so it is easy to choose one that matches the rest of your home. For example, you can get the wood look with them, or you can go creative and opt for artistic flooring. One of the neat patterns of flooring in Newmarket is to use vinyl flooring with a design in a particular area of the home. For instance, you can opt for a solid color and choose to get a design or impression right in the middle of the vinyl plank which will fit your sitting area. You can also get the 3D look with the vinyl flooring planks.

Tile/ Marble Designs

Tiles are best known for their durability, and they are easy to clean as well. They are quite versatile as they can be installed in any part of the house. Be it the living room or the kitchen or the washrooms. So if you are opting for the tiles and marble flooring in Newmarket, make sure that they go well with your wall color and the other interior designs. For the most classic look, you can go for a solid white or any lighter color of your choice. And for the patterned ones, you can choose the marbles with simple designs as they are also available in various color choices to give your home that graceful look. You can also choose from the different types of tile flooring in Newmarket which includes the travertine, ceramic tiles, faux wood, onyx, mosaic tiles, sandstone, and the terrazzo tile.