Hardwood Floors is Healthy Choice

By September 12, 2015 Info Articles No Comments
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An emerging trend these days is healthy living. More and more people are making smarter decisions about the food they eat, they exercise and the decisions they make results in a healthy lifestyle. What many people don’t realize is that the cleanliness of your home can have a tremendous impact on health and well being. One step many homeowners can take to improve their home’s cleanliness and thus their health is installing hard wood floors in their home as opposed to carpet.

Hardwood floors have a great deal of advantages over carpet that make them a smarter and healthier choice. There are many disadvantages to installing a carpet over a hardwood floor. The first deals with cleanliness. As anyone who has ever had a carpet knows, they are hard to keep clean. Having a carpet in house forces you to constantly be vacuuming. Carpets not only attract dirt and dust they absorb them. Even if you vacuum once a week you will still not be able to fully clean the dirt that is trapped in the fibres of the carpet. On top of that if you ever spill a drink, or track mud or dirt on a carpet it is incredibly difficult to clean the stain. In some instances a liquid can soak underneath the carpet and damage the floor. The only way to fully clean a carpet is by washing it by either hiring a company or renting a carpet cleaning machine. However, this may prove to be a timely and costly decision so most carpet owners rarely choose to do this.

Hardwood floors on the other hand are durable and easy to clean. A regular routine of sweeping or vacuuming a hardwood floor is more than sufficient to successfully clean the floor of any dust or germs that may appear. In addition after sweeping or vacuuming going over the floor with a wet swiffer or similar product will leave the floor sparkling clean. Unlike with carpet when you clean a hardwood floor you can be 100% confident that there are no germs or bacteria lingering. On top of that if anything is ever spilt on a hardwood floor such as food or drinks, it is very easy to clean. Unlike carpet with soaks in and absorbs spills a hardwood floor repels it and allows for a quick and easy clean up. Of course you can always add polish to a hardwood floor to keep it looking shiny and new.