Furnishing a Space with Hardwood Floors

A Look At Furnishings That Go Well With Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood floor is one of the most popular flooring options out there because of its unmatched beauty. A classic selection for a variety of home rooms, hardwood floor will not surely go out of style. It can be the centerpiece of the room – something that holds the room together. Here are some examples of furnishings that can complement the look of hardwood floor:

Lightweight furniture

Hardwood floor is very easy to scratch. That is why extreme caution should be considered when it comes to the selection of furniture that will be placed on the surface of the hardwood. The use of lightweight furnishings is very practical especially since these would less likely cause scratches on the hardwood whenever they are moved across the floor. Chairs that are made out of plastic, rattan, or lightweight metal are perfect. Now, there is nothing wrong with going for heavy furniture. For example, a heavy, wooden couch might just look good on the living room. It would be great if these have rubber chair legs so that they would not make any marks when moved. If there are no built-in rubber pads, these can be purchased from hardware stores.

Indoor plants

One of the things that make hardwood floor very popular among home owners is that it brings the beauty of nature inside the home. Its wooden natural look brings an aura that no other flooring option can match. If nature is a theme that is sought to be achieved, then it would be nice to compliment the hardwood floor with some indoor plants. Lush, green plants placed in beautiful clay pots can surely look great with the brown, natural floors. Tall floor plants are great and so are those small plants that are placed on tables. In fact, even hanging plants can add compliment the wooden floors. Green and brown just works well together. Authentic plants can be quite hard to maintain so those who do not have green thumbs might want to go for synthetic plants.

Floor rugs or carpets

It is already an undeniable fact that hardwood floors are very sensitive. Just a few pressures on them can cause unwanted dents and scratches. For those whose eyes do not want to see scratches on their precious hardwood floor, floor rugs and carpets can always be considered. Floor rugs are strategically used to protect the hardwood floor from heavy furnishings like couches, grand pianos, and cabinets. Aside from its protective benefit, floor rugs also add extra beauty to the interior. Floor rugs come in a variety of styles and designs and they can surely add a huge aesthetic contribution to the floor. Carpets work the same way as well. Those who go for carpets often cover a huge part of the room with hardwood flooring.


Standing lamps

The beauty of hardwood floor can even be magnified with the strategic use of lighting. There are numerous kinds of lighting out there which can be used to highlight wooden floor. There are downlights which, aside from highlighting wooden floors, can also add up to the general lighting of the room. Floor lights are rarely used for hardware floors but can add beauty to the room if used strategically. Probably the best lighting option when it comes to hardwood floors are standing lamps. Standing lamps come in a variety of styles and designs. Whether they are made of wood or not, they just simply add up to the classic and old-fashioned look that hardwood floors give.

Decorating any room with hardwood flooring can be fun. If you do not have a hardwood floor yet and you are interested to procure one, you might want to consider products from L.A. Floor Inc.