Engineered Maple Flooring

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Hardwood floors are a classy and stylish way to redecorate a room. The elegance and prestige of the natural substance is unmatched by any other floor surface.  When choosing a hardwood floor for your office, home or business it is easy to get overwhelmed by the vast amount of choices of wood. There is the environmentally friendly choice of bamboo, the economical choice of laminate or the classical choice of oak or cherry. However, this is Canada so the topic of this article will be on the advantages of maple, an iconic Canadian symbol, as a suitable hardwood floor.

Maple floors pull off a natural look and earthly hues which when mixed with the right home décor can put off an incredibly warm tone to the room it is installed in. While many other hardwood floors can create this sort of ambience ample separates itself by offering a variety of colours. Other hardwood floors come in simple white or brown while maple is available in brown, black and white. This helps maple floors look good in any room, as they colour you choose can match the colours of the office or living room it is installed in.

Another advantage of maple flooring is that it is more durable than other hardwood flooring on the market. Maple is one of the hardest woods available that are currently made into hardwood floors. Maple is a strong and dense wood and these characteristics make it an ideal choice for hardwood flooring. Because maple flooring is so strong it is commonly used in gymnasiums, bowling alleys, and dance floors. 

Other types of wood are porous in structure. This gives the floor a rough look to its surface. Maple on the other hand is nonporous which gives it a spectacular finish. Another advantage is that maple floors are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, including strips, tiles and panels. 

Maple flooring is one of the most superior materials available today on the market. As a result of the high quality, high class and spectacular look of maple flooring they can be a little expensive therefore it is important that you undertake a great deal of research before making the investment. It is vital that your maple floor is properly installed to maximize the life of your investment and once it is installed it is important to maintain and acre for the floor. To find out more about Maple flooring and other options please contact us today.