Different Types of Hardwood Flooring

By November 23, 2015 Info Articles No Comments

Before you begin the process of getting your hardwood flooring installation done, you will have to select the type of hardwood floor that best suits your house. Hardwood floors come in several different varieties for you to choose from. Choosing the best type for your home depends on several different factors.

The Four Main Types of Hardwood Floors:

  • Hardwood floor 3/4 inch solid,
  • Hardwood floor 5/16 inch solid,
  • Hardwood floor engineered hardwood and
  • Hardwood floor locking hardwood.

engineered-flooring1Each of these can serve a different purpose. 3/4 inch solid floors are more traditional, but they expand more when exposed to moisture than other types of hardwood flooring do. For this reason, 3/4 inch solid floors can only be installed over a plywood subfloor. They cannot be installed below ground level or over concrete. 5/16 inch solid floors are thinner than 3/4 inch solid floors, which allow them to be installed over concrete on the ground level. They still cannot be installed below ground level.

Engineered hardwood floors are much more flexible. They were designed to respond less to moisture than solid floors, so they can be installed on any type of subfloor and above, below, or on ground level. Locking hardwood floors are similar, but they are easier to install.