Advantages of Bamboo Floors

By March 23, 2013 Info Articles No Comments
hardwood floor instalation

Hardwood floors are widely considered the best flooring option on the market. Everyday more and more people are replacing carpet or tile with hardwood floors. One of the more popular types of hardwood floors that are being installed these days are bamboo floors. There are dozens of reasons as to why more and more people are electing to install a bamboo floor, this article will investigate a few.

The first reason many people are choosing bamboo floors is the materials adaptability. Bamboo is one of the most adaptable cuts of wood available on the market for any purpose and flooring is no exception. Bamboo unlike the majority of flooring materials does not require much prep work when it is being installed, it can be laid down on a variety of materials including plywood. Bamboo floors are also less sensitive to variations in temperature and thus can adapt to any environment where they are used as flooring.

In addition to its adaptability another great characteristic of bamboo flooring is its strength. As anyone who has ever watched a martial arts movie knows bamboo has traditionally been used in Asia for industrial scaffolding and many other structures. Bamboo is capable of carry may times its own weight without breaking. Amazingly bamboo possesses all of this strength while maintaining a light weight. With all of these strong characteristics it is easy to see how a bamboo floor is able to serve as a strong, durable and adaptable floor service.

Speaking of durability that is the next advantage bamboo floors have over other hardwood options. Bamboo floors are incredibly long lasting, in fact that can give stone and marble floors a run for their money as the longest lasting floor material available on the market. Like all hardwood floors a bamboo floor gets better with age. The colours and tones will age gracefully and if taken care of properly the bamboo floor can maintain its stylish look for years. Over time a bamboo floor continues to add character to your home, business or office.

The last reason bamboo floors are a great choice for your home, business or office is that the material is widely available. Recently the increase in popularity of bamboo has resulted in an increase in its availability at many local hardware stores. Bamboo has gone from a once exotic and hard to find building material to something that is a little more commonly found.