6 Factors that Influence the Price of Hardwood Refinishing

6 Factors That Influence The Price Of Hardwood Refinishing

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One of the biggest advantages of hardwood flooring options is the simple fact that they can be refinished. Why would anyone want to refinish his hardwood floors? Well, this can be done in order to make the hardwood flooring options more beautiful, more aesthetically pleasing and in order to fix cracks and imperfections. However, this project is not free and the factors which influence the total price of hardwood refinishing are presented below.

1.    Location. Just like doctors or lawyers charge more in the urban areas in comparison with rural places, prices for hardwood refinishing will be slightly higher in busy towns in comparison with smaller ones. Therefore, homeowners who live in a big city should prepare a larger budget if they are thinking of refinishing their hardwood floors in the near future.

2.    Size of the floor. Homeowners who have smaller rooms in their houses will have to take out more money out of their pockets in order to refinish their hardwood floors. This happens simply because the sanding devices and other materials are quite large and hard to maneuver, so the professionals will work harder in order to complete this project. On the other hand, larger hardwood flooring areas are easier to work with and the professionals are even able to offer discounts in order to secure these jobs. Therefore, the larger the house, the cheaper the hardwood refinishing project.

3.    Moving the furniture. Yes, even this can be a factor when considering a hardwood refinishing project. The furniture and all the personal belongings of a homeowner have to be taken out of the room before the professionals start the sanding and refinishing processes. If the furniture has to be moved by the professionals, this will increase the overall price of the project. Similarly, if the furniture cannot be taken out, it has to be moved to one side of the room. The professionals will work on the other side. Afterwards, the furniture will be moved to the refinished side while the professionals work on the rest of the hardwood floor. This will again increase the costs of the project and the completion time as well.

4.    Possible repairs. In some cases, the hardwood floors might be very damaged in some points and the refinishing process might not be effective in fixing those problems. Therefore, the floor needs to be repaired first and then refinished, in order for the repaired part to look identical with the refinished area. Obviously, this will increase the cost of the hardwood refinishing project.

5.    Performing cleanup. Such a project can be quite messy and a lot of debris and materials might be left behind when it is completed. In most cases, the professionals won’t do the cleanup and if they do it, they will charge more. If the homeowner decides to hire specialists in order to clean up the house, this will again increase the overall expenses. Probably the best solution in this case would be for the homeowner to perform the cleanup by himself.

6.    Company hired. Another important factor that influences the price of hardwood refinishing is represented by the company hired by homeowners. Some companies charge ridiculously small prices, but in 99% of the cases they will also do a lousy job. On the other hand, the biggest price doesn’t automatically guarantee the best results. Homeowners should carefully select their contractor, based on its reputation and experience.

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